I just want to change the world, period.

If I were CBN

The current FX/crypto situation in Nigeria is not new. Regulations go from ideas — execution in hours/days leaving little to no room for proper analysis and post-event scenario building. As always, they are iron-fisted, as that’s how democracy works down here.

Don’t get me wrong. Iron-fisted draconian laws, regulation and moves work but not all the time. When do they work? It works when it keeps you in control. When your laws move activities underground, it can go 2 ways.

Note: Took me a while to find this and felt a need to spread it broadly. Tai Solarin (1922–1994) was one of Nigeria’s foremost social activists his legacy includes the famous Mayflower School, Ikenne and Mollusi College Ijebu-Ode. This article was published in Daily Times Newspaper of January 1st, 1964. (51 years ago!)

I am not cursing you; I am wishing you what I wish myself every year. I therefore repeat, may you have a hard time this year, may there be plenty of troubles for you this year! If you are not so sure what you should say back…

Not every country gives you ~0% on your savings and fixed deposits.

Is your dollar working for you or the other way round?

There’s a pretty good explanation for this — interest rates in any country depends on the interbank lending rate in the country backed by the apex bank’s securities, which in turn is determined by how much interest the country is willing to pay for the securities it’s sold to banks and investors as bonds.

Nomad Capitalist, a famed blogger and consultant puts it this way;

I love investing in places that have relatively low risk, but which are perceived as high-risk by the average guy sitting in an…

To those who say we cannot win: Unveiling the Oby Ezekwesili Roadmap to Victory in 2019 | #Fight4Naija

Note: I have decided to share this post on Medium to create public discourse around this speech — feel free to share your views in general or on any phrase or paragraph in the post.

— — — —

To those who say we cannot win: Unveiling the Oby Ezekwesili Roadmap to Victory in 2019 | #Fight4Naija

(Being a speech by Obiageli ‘Oby’ Ezekwesili, presidential candidate of the Allied Congress Party of Nigeria at a World Press Conference on Monday, 29 October…

Karen is an American investigative journalist with a global news org researching into election from the deep hinterland of Zimbabwe. She needs some pictures to complete her feature scheduled to go to print the next week. She tries to get a visa, but could not due to the short time. Through an app, she’s able to get someone take hi-res pictures for the project. In 2 days, no need to fly down anymore.

An Asian conglomerate needs price data of some fast moving consumer goods in Northern Nigeria — and in 2 hours are able to piece a team together…

  1. Don’t beef (despise) rich people. You can’t emulate someone you despise. It’s hard becoming rich. It’s hard staying rich.
  2. Wealth gives you more resources, goodwill, access and confidence. This is why the rich gets richer.
  3. There is a price for being poor. Lack of knowledge, ambition and self-belief. You just want to live. Survive. No time for dreaming big. This is why the poor gets poorer.
  4. You do not necessarily need to roll with wealthy people to become wealthy. But you need to…

Evil is the thought of going to school.
Learning is the act of doing it.
Revelation is the awareness to the question — why?
Repentance is the yielding to the seduction of education.
Why do we have to wake up early to go to school?

— Basistute (Federal Government College Ilorin ex-student. Real name unknown). Thanks to Wale Aduroja for reminding me of the full verse for the umpteenth time.

We don’t do it for this.

We do it for self-dignity. We do it so that we (and ours) are not disgraced. So that we can do better for ourselves and the next generation

Opeawo’s definition:
A Skill is any sets of knowledge that allows you to #make #build #create #design #compose #produce something worth selling or sharing to and with the world.

It’s no longer about degrees and certificates — it’s about skills.

The reason is simple. It’s all about what the market wants. Employers once wanted certificates but things have changed. They now demand skills. New skills that are not being taught in schools.

Mass Communication students in Nigerian Universities don’t get to learn about Instagram and Snapchat. …

If all the teacher is going to do is read her pre-written notes from a PowerPoint slide to a lecture hall of thirty or three hundred, perhaps (s)he should stay home. Not only is this a horrible disrespect to the student, it’s a complete waste of the heart and soul of the talented teacher.
- Seth Godin from Stop Stealing Dreams.

I read this piece by Seth Godin more than 6 years ago. It remains relevant till date. …

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